Power your +1

A simple solution to increase diversity in any room: #poweryourplus1 invitation

We all regularly receive invitations with a possibility to bring a +1: a partner, spouse, friend… no specifics given. This is an overlooked opportunity because accompanying someone as a +1 walks you into exclusive spaces with a warm introduction and implicit referral.

But often we don’t bother to bring anyone at all and let the opportunity pass or bring someone who’s not really all that interested in being there because there’s no real benefit to them from it.

Yet so many people don’t get these valuable opportunities because they’re not part of your network – they live outside of your world and would love for a chance to get inside. Imagine what going to what you might consider a “dull” work dinner would mean to someone who has no idea what happens inside of the corporate world. Or the value of a walked-in warm referral to a minority women with a startup looking for investment. Or for someone who has never considered a career trajectory like becoming an investor because they’ve never been around it.

As the old saying goes, “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

Your network needs diversity. Bright, fast-thinkers, problem solvers with fresh perspectives and a different approach. They’re good for recognizing opportunities and innovation. But what they need is an invitation directly into your network. Invite them in!

That’s where your +1 comes in.

Innovation does not happen in a static space with the same people of same background trying to figure out what comes next. Innovation thrives under a fresh set of eyes, new perspective and robust discussion that diversity brings.

Want to immediately introduce diversity into your network? Write “poweryour+1” on any invitation you send out for an event that you plan. Writing poweryour+1 or #poweryourplus1 directly encourages others to open up their invitation, skip the usual companion and reach out to bring someone entirely new who wouldn’t usually be there. Dig deep! Skip the spouse, partner or usual companion and reach out to find someone else who’d benefit more from going. Your partner will be just fine! But for someone outside the usual group of insiders because of their gender, ethnicity, background, education, religion, sexual orientation, age, challenges or any of these reasons, this walked-in warm introduction is could be life-changing.

Accept our “poweryourplus1” challenge and open up your network to a world of untapped talent. There is no request for money, all anyone asks is your commitment to increasing diversity – cognitive, ethnic, gender identity, neural, age, sexual orientation, background, education – the entire wealth of difference in us all in all of our myriad forms in your network. #poweryourplus1 Let’s make this the new norm.

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